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Need some dirt moved, shaped, levelled or dug out? we can help with your minor and major earthworks requirements.

  • Site Clearing
  • House Pads and Footings
  • Shed & Tank Pads
  • Hardstand Areas
  • Access Tracks and Laydown
  • Excavations - trenching, stump removal,swimming pools, leach drains.


landscaping jarrahdale

Landscaping & Hardscaping

Complement your house with some lawn and garden finishes or clear up overgrown areas and redefine your yard. At Busy Digger Civil and Rural we get a kick out of making your property shine with various types of landscaping formations. We really love recycling and up-cycling and will work with you to use what materials you already have.

  • Rock pitching & rock retaining
  • Pine & jarrah sleeper retaining
  • Garden steps
  • Raised garden beds
  • Garden features and garden art installations
  • Gravel Paths
  • Lawn preparation and top dressing
  • Mulching
  • Cleaning , pruning, tree removal


Excavation jarrahdale


Living in the hills or on the low lands has its own set of water management issues. If you need water slowed down, diverted or captured we can advise you on cost effective solutions for your hills property. On the other hand if you have standing water, flooding or ponding we can help devise a way to drain away water on flat or gentle land. Call us if you need some help with:

  • Water Management and Control
  • Dams, Sumps and Evaporation ponds
  • Culverts & Storm Water installations
  • Drains - Spoon drains, Diversion drains, Cut off drains, French drains

Driveways paving Jarrahdale

We can push in a rural farm track or lay millimetre perfect compacted road base for an asphalt finish. We offer the following driveway and hardstand finishes:


All Weather Sealed Finishes

  • Recycled bitumen - black or red
  • Asphalt (hot mix) - black or red
  • Concrete

Compacted Finishes

  • Main roads specification road base
  • Crushed recycled concrete
  • Crushed limestone
  • Compacted gravels


We specialise in driveway construction and repairs and have completed more than 150 driveways of all types on farms, lifestyle blocks, residential properties carparks and hardstands.

As an Approved Contractor to Creative Driveways and Fencing we can deliver sensational looking and hard wearing recycled bitumen which is ideal for rural and lifestyle block applications. Our systems and methodology insure you get a smooth high quality compacted finish in either black or stunning reds. Our driveway designs incorporate water management solutions, parking and turning circle considerations We love working with this recycled product which is reprocessed and refined to our proprietary specifications and will give you a driveway that will last 30 years and add value to your property at a significantly lower cost than traditional concrete or asphalt finishes.

Projects by Creative Driveways & Fencing

Rural Service

Rural Services

We live on a farm so we understand the jobs that arise seasonally and can stack up. If you need a hand to get op top of some farm maintenance or move some projects along we can help:

  • Full year round rural property maintenance services
  • Equine Fencing
  • Farm access tracks and repairs
  • Entry statements
  • Aerial survey (Drone services)
  • Firebreaks
  • Post hole drilling
  • Farm Gate installations
  • Clearing and land shaping
  • Soil conditioning


Materials Supply

We operate our own tip trucks and can supply your landscaping materials in 6 or 12 tonnes loads. We work with quality quarries and landscaping material suppliers to bring you the right products at wholesale prices. Call us for a free quote on material supplies including:


We operate Monday to Sunday, 7am – 5pm and can mobilise quickly for emergency protective works.